Trigger Options

Zapier Integration with Wiz Write: Trigger Options

With Wiz Write's Zapier integration, there are two potential trigger options that can automate your workflow:

1. New Transcription Trigger

The first trigger option is activated when a new transcription is created. To use this, set it as the first step of your Zap. This will trigger the workflow to run every time a new transcription is added within Wiz Write.

This feature is powerful as it enables automation of certain tasks to run on the transcription, or even allows for the transcription to be sent elsewhere for safekeeping. Transcriptions can be sent to tools such as Notion, Dropbox, Google Drive, among others. This integration can be utilized in various ways to benefit you and your organization.

2. AI Outputs Trigger

The second trigger option focuses on AI outputs. When an AI action is run on your transcription, it produces AI-generated content. The trigger for this AI action output provides you with an event that runs each time the AI action is executed.

This trigger can be used to build complex workflows, if desired, and can be connected to thousands of apps available through Zapier.

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