AI Actions add Magic

Incredibly powerful for a multitude of different use cases

AI Actions in Wiz Write

AI actions are a powerful feature of Wiz Write. We've pre-defined some common AI actions that are useful for a variety of businesses. However, the true power of Wiz Write lies in its ability to let users create their own custom AI actions.

Creating Custom AI Actions

Custom AI actions allow you to tailor the AI to your unique business needs. You can instruct the AI on how to behave and how to manipulate transcriptions to create brand-new content for your business or organization.

Simply put, you can make the AI work just for you.

Using AI Actions for Content Creation

Even the content of this knowledge base is created using a custom AI action. The AI action outputs all our content in markdown format, allowing us to build this knowledge base faster than manual typing.

This showcases that Wiz Write can be incredibly powerful for a multitude of different use cases.

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