Editing Content

Ensure accuracy and clarity in your content.

Editing Transcription or AI Output in Wiz Write

At times, errors may occur in a transcription or you may get an AI action output that you'd like to edit slightly before using it. Wiz Write makes it easy for you to edit both the transcription and the AI output.

Steps to Edit Transcription or AI Output

  1. Click on the folder icon at the top and go into the specific session.

  2. You will see a pencil icon underneath the individual objects. Click this icon to start editing.

  3. After making the necessary changes, simply click save.

Points to Note

  • You can edit the transcription to correct a misspelled name or to provide more clarity on something that was not transcribed correctly.

  • You can also edit the output of different AI actions as per requirement.

  • Once saved, you can use the edited content as needed.

  • By editing a transcript, you're also editing the text that will be used for future AI actions.

  • The changes will reflect if you run future AI actions in that session because the transcription is different from how it was during any AI actions you ran previously.

This editing feature provides a simple way to ensure accuracy and clarity in your transcriptions and AI action outputs.

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