Overview of Integration

Connect to thousands of applications

WizWrite Zapier Integration

WizWrite's integration with Zapier allows you to automate tasks and manage your transcriptions and AI outputs more efficiently.


  • New Transcription Added: This trigger is activated every time a new transcription is added to your WizWrite account.

  • AI Output Occurs: This trigger is activated when an AI output event occurs.

You can take these triggers and perform further actions based on them.


  • Find Information Within Your Account: This action allows you to search for specific information within your WizWrite account. You can either find different AI actions that you have set up or find details of specific transcriptions that have been created.

  • Trigger an AI Action on a Transcription: This action allows you to initiate an AI action on a specific transcription and receive an AI output in return.

By combining these triggers and actions, you can create powerful workflows within Zapier that connect to thousands of different applications on the Internet. We look forward to seeing the creative ways our users will utilize this integration.

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