Triggering Webhooks

Using Webhooks in Wiz Write

In Wiz Write, every piece of content you create, including transcriptions, comes with a webhook option. You can spot this as a webhook icon located in the bottom right corner of your content.

How to Access the Webhook Popup

  1. Click on the webhook icon to open the webhook popup.

  2. In this popup, you have the opportunity to add a new webhook or interact with an existing one.

Working with Existing Webhooks

  1. Click on an existing webhook within the popup.

  2. Once selected, you will be presented with options to send additional data if you need to include any specific extra fields.

Sending Information via Webhooks

  1. Input the information that you want to send along with the content from the selected item.

  2. After confirming the data and the item, click on the webhook icon.

  3. Trigger the webhook by hitting the 'Send' button.

  4. This action will send a POST request to the webhook, and you should receive an acknowledgment within your testing environment.

With the help of webhooks, you can run more complex workflows based on these actions. It's a versatile functionality that opens up endless possibilities for content creation and management in Wiz Write.

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