Transcriptions are Essential

Transcriptions are a core aspect of Wiz Write

Transcriptions in Wiz Write

Transcriptions are a core aspect of Wiz Write. Here's how you can create and utilize them:

Creating Transcriptions

There are two ways to create transcriptions in Wiz Write:

  • Voiced Transcriptions: Speak naturally to Wiz Write and it will convert your speech into written content, thanks to our AI technology.

  • Typed Transcriptions: If you prefer, you can also type out your content. However, we highly recommend using your voice over your keyboard for a seamless experience.

Note: Transcriptions are the foundation of everything within Wiz Write.

Running AI Actions on Transcriptions

After creating your transcription, you can:

  • Run AI Actions: Execute various AI actions on your transcription. This allows you to transform the same transcription into multiple pieces of content.

  • Queue AI Actions: Set up AI actions to run automatically once a transcription has been created.

This ability to create and manipulate content is where the power of Wiz Write truly shines, making it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to generate diverse and engaging content.

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