Overview & Install

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At Wiz Write, we strive to create tools that are effortless to use across various online platforms. Our latest addition, the Wiz Write Chrome extension, is designed to facilitate this objective. This extension allows users to seamlessly utilize Wiz Write without disrupting their existing workflows.

Getting the Extension

You can download the Wiz Write Chrome extension by following this link.

How It Works

The Wiz Write Chrome extension operates by introducing a sidebar on your active browser tab. This sidebar, which is accessible on any tab you're working on, provides an interface to interact with Wiz Write.

The interface mirrors the Wiz Write dashboard on your browser or mobile phone, ensuring a consistent user experience. Using the extension is incredibly straightforward.


Once you've completed creating your content, the extension provides all the same integration options that are available when using Wiz Write in the browser or on your mobile.


The Chrome extension is an effective way to enhance your productivity and accomplish more tasks at work, benefiting you, your business, and your organization.

Our early users are already reaping the advantages of the extension, achieving increased productivity and efficiency.

We're thrilled about the potential of the Chrome extension and are keen to see how it can help users get more done.

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