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WizWrite Integration: Available Actions

WizWrite provides integration options that allow you to interact with the database and run various actions. These actions include:

  1. Search Items: This action enables you to retrieve items from the database, which can either be transcriptions or AI outputs. This provides information about the item, including its content, title, and other values useful for your workflows.

To find an item ID in WizWrite:

a. Click on the folder icon at the top of the page. b. Navigate into the individual session. c. Look for the developer icon, where you can copy the item ID to use within Zapier for retrieving necessary information.

  1. Get AI Action: This action allows you to retrieve the AI action that you have set up to run on your transcriptions. With this value, you can programmatically run the AI action on your transcriptions without needing to use the WizWrite dashboard.

Note: The 'Get AI instruction' option is only applicable for custom AI actions that you have created. The default actions created by the WizWrite team aren't available for this specific action within Zapier.

By using these search options, you can create dynamic integrations and automate actions with Zapier and the WizWrite API.

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